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099: Jingle Hell & Facing A Stabbing

It's the week of Christmas, and there's not a snowflake in sight, but murderers and evil-doers do not take off during the holiday season, so neither do we.

098: Sister Sitter & Being Booted

Finally we are able to get an episode out, after over a week’s worth of power outages the sun finally decided to shine on us. Enjoy our updates as well as stories featuring a hand hanging from a boot, a road trip gone awry and more!

097: Drug Dealer Decides To Deal Doggos & Father Fails at Funeralling

This week Suann and Christian find a common ground when it comes to our legged critters, they also discuss fun topics like puppies and funerals.

096: Air Conditioner Crushes Kid & #DRUGBOSSBABE

This week we talk lady cartel boss, how an air conditioner fell from the the sixth floor and Disneyland pedophiles.

095: Russian Revenge & Surprise! Sheds Still Scary.

This week we talk about Christian’s little zebra incident, as well as a Russian man hell bent on revenge, pouring concrete into your eye and more feet being found in Canada.

094: Professional Torturer & Senior Still Slaughters

This week we chat about paying to get tortured, being freed because you’re “too old to kill” and murdering with your son. It really is an episode for everybody.

093: Chocolate Caper & Child, Crated

This week we use the power of verbal communication to ruin each other’s weeks with increasingly horribly stories of death, robbery and child endangerment.

092: What Happened In The Basement & Kurdish Execution

This week we bring you a lightning round of stories from all over the world as a friendly reminder that existence is pain and the world is burning.

091: Buckle Up For Safety & Appalling Poisoning Of Partners & Progeny

This week we sit down and chat about a woman who tried to kill her four kids, a lady who went a little crazy and a surprising death, that and more on Dark Stuff.

090: Holiday Home Invasion & Ghastly Google Maps Revelation

This week Christian spends half the episode bitching about how much he hated the new Child’s Play, it’s also time for a the Gun Violence Archive update, which is always fun, right? Right? Oh and of course some murder and death and stuff.

089: Daycare Nightmare & A Knife To Remember

This week Suann survives yet another near death experience, this is turning into I shouldn’t be alive, and we’re kinda okay with that. We also chat a couple in need of some serious counselling, vengeance and a daycare that turned into a nightmare.

088: #AmINext & Pedophile Philanthropy

This week South Africa’s headlines were filled with women being murdered, little girls being kidnapped, and citizens not knowing what to do. We discuss it and more on Dark Stuff.

087: Thief Thwarted By Apathy & Noping To Groping

Suann gets a bomb threat and Christian has a weird Sunday night, oh and there was some murder and awfulness going on in the world.

086: Scream Parks & Comatose Conception

This week Suann counts down some of the most haunted amusement parks of all time and Christian tries to figure out how someone can commit suicide while on suicide watch…

085: School Shooting Survival Kits & Slutshaming Schoolgirl

This week we discuss the next big thing on Shark Tank, parents who took slutshaming a little (okay a lot) too far, and more! Tune in to Dark Stuff, where the stuff is dark, and the dark is stuff.

084: Peeing On Produce & "The Company" Kidnaps Colleen

Suann continues her ongoing efforts to have the Ridiculous segment be taken seriously wand gestures and all, meanwhile Christian talks about a kidnapping and the death of a child, so nothing new really.

083: You Gotta Be Kidney Me & Murderer Mayo

Suann proudly adds a new segment to the show, while Christian talks mass shootings and parents who are absolutely awful.

082: Insane In The Pool Drain & Oh Brother

Suann found a story that involves a tarp, an underage girl and stabbing, so you know this episode is going to be a doozy. Throw in some Final Destination Station and more of your favourite segments and you’ve got yourself and episode of Dark Stuff.

081: Juan Wild Mystery & It's In The Cards

It’s a new week, and with it comes a truck carrying a load of acid crashing, a cold case unit dealing out justice, and a lot of googling rabies symptoms. Tune in for all the madness on this week’s Dark Stuff.

080: A Dutchy Subject & Cannibalistic Chomper

This week we dedicate a whole hour to the Dutch. They’ve got killer caterpillars, crimes of passion and a cannibal who is a little crazy to say the least. Tune in for your weekly dose of Dark Stuff.

079: Leaving Mom For Dead & What The Heck Hinterkaifeck

This week Christian brings up a series he’s been watching as well as a decades old unsolved mystery and Suann found a story of a mother being a terrible daughter and an even worse mother. That and more on this week’s Dark Stuff.

078: Bus Beating & Heinous Hatecrimes

This week we do our belated pride episode, which is always a surefire way to depress just about anyone listening. From a couple being beaten on a buss to the story of Matthew Shepard, it’s just a lot of horribleness all around.

This Podcast We Review Birdbox (BOOK)

In our brand new spin off show, we discuss Birdbox the novel by Josh Malerman in more detail than you would have ever wanted. You're welcome.

077: The Moral Machine & Jailhouse Clock

This week Christian puts Suann to the test with a would you rather that goes on forever, we learn a lot about Suann, mostly that she values puppy lives over human lives. That’s all.

076: Backyard Bodies & Twin Trouble

What does a domestic dispute and dead bodies buried in a backyard have in common? One woman who is done taking crap. This week on Dark Stuff we discuss sibling connections, psycho hubbies and more!

075: Scorched Spy & Kids Captured Causing Chaos

This week we sit down and chit chat about vomiting in public, a 50 year old unsolved case, some local brats being local brats and of course, what everyone tunes in for, the Drag Race finale. So much to catch up on, so little time, tune in for a truly thrilling episode of Dark Stuff.

074: Antarctic Atrocities & An Excellent Day For An Exorcism

Ever wonder what sort of craziness goes down in the arctic? Lucky for you this week Suann brings an unlikely tale of stabbery all the way from the land of the cool and Christian chats about all of the insanity that surrounds The Exorcist, that and more on this week’s Dark Stuff.

073: Bath Bombs & Orphans' Odious Ordeal

This week we bring you tales so heinous you will be thinking about them all day. A school bombing unlike anything you’ve ever heard and an orphanage in Kenya receives a visit from a missionary with less than altruistic motives, that and more on this week’s Dark Stuff.

072: FBI Can't Even & A Missing Boy

This week we tackle the latest school shooting, yup, another one, we also talk about how dangerous busses are, and how our list of reasons not to have children is ever-growing, especially after Suann brings up a missing boy, and a story, so weird and filled with inconsistencies you’ll have to hear it to believe it.

071: Dammit Dahmer & Crane Crash Catastrophe

Another week another tragedy, that’s what my mother always said. This week Suann tells Christian about the hungry hungry hippo that was Mr. J Dahmer, and we find out just how unsafe the world out there is, with crane crashes and water slide incidents running rampant. It’s everything you expect, and more on Dark Stuff.

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