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122: Ghost Busting Bowlers & Demon Cats

This week we sat down and caught up on some paranormal television. There are countless shows out there, but we set our eyes on Ghost Hunters and Haunted to see whether these series live up to their names. Join us for an extra spooky episode of Dark Stuff.

121: The Red Flag Of Racism & Suffocating Slings

This week Christian does a deepdive into recalled products and Suann goes through the hate crime greatest hits. It's sad, depressing and upsetting, welcome to Dark Stuff.

120: Picture Perfect Motion Picture Couple & The United States Of Mass Shootings

This week the death talk revolves around school bullies, high school flings and mass shootings, none of which end on a happy note but can you say you're surprised? It's dark stuff after all.

119: You Don't Know Jack & Mass(age) Shootings

This week we catch up on what's been happening in the present as well as the distant past. We discuss the recent shootings and one Jack The Ripper.

118: A Sweet Demise & Californian Killer's Cold Case Closed

This week we catch up on all the TV we've been watching for far too long even after editing. We chat about an urban legend come to life and a janitor who finally came clean.

117: Mommy Fearest & The Victim Factory

This week we're back with another mothers who kill episode and a would you rather that's possibly one of our most difficult ones to date. Tune in for all the wacky antics and inappropriate jokes on this week's Dark Stuff.

116: The Worst Of The Year 2020

In this special episode of Dark Stuff we count down our top 10 worst/darkest/most depressing moments of 2020. Join us in remembering the tragic dumpster fire that was 2020.

115: Hungary Like A Wolf & Freezer? Barely Even Know Her

After some frustrating delays due to technical difficulties we're back and as wired on caffeine as ever. This week we bring you an episode so jam packed with terrifying stories from Hungary that it'll leave you feeling more stuffed than Christmas lunch.

114: Welcome To Hellcome & Joel

This week we chat about a gruesome South African murder and Suann caught up on Forensic Files, so sit back and enjoy this extra long, jam packed episode of Dark Stuff.

113: Koala-tea True Crime & Kiwi Aren't Making It Out Of Here Alive

This week we head down South and then slightly more south with stories from kangaroo country and that place where they filmed the hobbit. Stap in because the snakes and spiders aren’t the only thing deadly about Australia (does New Zealand have spiders?)

112: Loco Pops & Going Father Than You Ever Expected &

Fathers, am I right? This week we round up some of history’s “best” dads and see who will earn the coveted fathers'-day-mug. That and worst of the week that is gonna leave you burning up. Strap in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

111: Bloemfontein Can't Be Tamed & The Roanoke Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? This week we’re looking at strange stories with too much missing information. From Roanoke to a local Bloemfontein story, things are going to get... mysterious.

110: The Nopebook & Can I Have A Sword With You?

In this incredibly late episode we talk about women who survived against all odds. It’s terrifying in an empowering kind of way.

109: Back To School & Student Body Counts

This week the dynamic death discussing duo discuss colleges. Universities. Places of Schooling. You get the idea. We’re bringing you Serial killers targeting students and a Quickfast about the deadliest school shootings of all time and more!

108: Bye Bye Bobby & The Fleeing Frenchman

This week on dark stuff disappearances and mysteries. We look at some fascinating cases that remain unsolved to this day! Also Suann’s got an announcement and Christian struggles to drink coffee through his facemask.

107: When Ladybugs Attack & Getting Stabbed In The Back

This week we bring you an episode filled to the brim with wacky antics and terrifying murders. We talk about our Covid19 scare, ladybugs invading the Netherlands, creepy games kids play at sleepovers and a murder with a twist you won't see coming!

106: Don't You Just Hate Hate-Crimes & A Massage Massacre

It’s Pride Month, so it’s time to do our annual, don’t-you-just-hate-hate-crimes episode, featuring terrible homophobes all around. Sit back and get ready to be upset.

105: When Ship Hit The Fan & Sleeping With The Fishes

This week we chat boats and murder ships. If it happened in the ocean on something that floats consider it discussed. Also we have a conversation about the BLM protests going on.

104: Ghosts Anatomy & Photographs Off The Wall

This week we chat about ghosts, ghosts and ghosts, it's an afterlife spectre-acular and we hope you enjoy the ride.

This Podcast We Review Valentine [MOVIE] - Part 2

In today's episode of This Podcast Is Coming From Inside The House we chat about the 2001 slasher film Valentine starring the cast of Grey's Anatomy and David Boreanaz.

This Podcast We Review Valentine [MOVIE] - Part 1

In today's episode of This Podcast Is Coming From Inside The House we chat about the 2001 slasher film Valentine starring the cast of Grey's Anatomy and David Boreanaz.

103: Can't You Hear Me, GPS-O-S & A Peggy For Your Thoughts

This week we chat about road trips gone wrong, a mother who snapped and species of toad with a strange talent, that and more on Dark Stuff!

102: The Cancer Cult & Dark Web Of Lies

This week your favourite South Africans chat about that one cult that brands people and an underground child pornography ring, just your usual dinner table topics on Dark Stuff.

101: Catacombs Corpse & New Year, New Driveby

It's a new year, but the same old podcast is here to ruin it for you. Mash shootings, catacombs and adults doing things they really shouldn't be doing. Both Christian and Suann have some new segments, so strap in for the new season of Dark Stuff.

100: Kelly Clarkson & Kelly Clarkson

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099: Jingle Hell & Facing A Stabbing

It's the week of Christmas, and there's not a snowflake in sight, but murderers and evil-doers do not take off during the holiday season, so neither do we.

098: Sister Sitter & Being Booted

Finally we are able to get an episode out, after over a week’s worth of power outages the sun finally decided to shine on us. Enjoy our updates as well as stories featuring a hand hanging from a boot, a road trip gone awry and more!

097: Drug Dealer Decides To Deal Doggos & Father Fails at Funeralling

This week Suann and Christian find a common ground when it comes to our legged critters, they also discuss fun topics like puppies and funerals.

096: Air Conditioner Crushes Kid & #DRUGBOSSBABE

This week we talk lady cartel boss, how an air conditioner fell from the the sixth floor and Disneyland pedophiles.

095: Russian Revenge & Surprise! Sheds Still Scary.

This week we talk about Christian’s little zebra incident, as well as a Russian man hell bent on revenge, pouring concrete into your eye and more feet being found in Canada.

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